Hospital Solutions

Hospital Solutions

Emergency consultations, expert second opinions, clinic appointments and minor medical concerns can be addressed in a matter of minutes and at a low-cost to you. Our physicians are available day or night, 24/7 — 365 — STAT!


Making U.S. board-certified physicians and advanced medical care globally accessible.


With a third of American’s living over an hour away from a trauma or primary stroke center, telemedicine and telestroke services are literally life saving.

The StatMDUSA Experience

Low Cost Specialty Care on Demand

Our simple, flexible and cost-effective pricing model enables long term sustainability to maximize your institution’s growth potential.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Gain direct access to your specialty care provider and laboratory results, track your condition and even receive prescriptions through streamlined virtual visits.

Reduced Costs and Enhanced Revenues

Staffing flexibility allows us to respond to current patient demand without passing on the costs to you.

Reduced Physician Burden

Allowing our team to step in for call coverage reduces burnout and improves physician satisfaction. 

Customized and Integrated Platforms

We work directly with healthcare institutions in creating strategic, multi-level plans to optimize all available resources. By filling in the gaps in specialty care with telemedicine technology, clinics are able to provide patients with the best possible care.

Timely Delivery

StatHealth’s team will respond to your consult in under 5 minutes to offer timely delivery of evidence-based care to minimize patient risk and malpractice reliability.