Aviation Solutions

“Is there a medical doctor on board?”

Aviation Solutions

“Is there a medical doctor on board?”

Flight diversions due to inflight medical emergencies have been increasing over the years, whereas, one diversion can cost an airline anywhere from $50,000 to $600,000. StatMD provides telemedicine solutions for aviation so a doctor is always “On-Board.”

Our team of specialist aviation medical doctors is available immediately through our customized telemedicine platform. MYSkyMD’s technology establishes a link to our team of board-certified/eligible emergency physicians on standby 24/7. Our physician specialists are trained to assess the patient’s condition remotely in real time and to provide airline personnel with a diagnosis, treatment plan, and course of action. They are ready to provide direction to crew members or medically trained volunteers in flight. We can coordinate ground-based medical care when needed and our physicians are trained to respond to medical problems that are specific to aviation.

Medical emergencies in the air cover a broad spectrum which may include:

Asthma exacerbations

Loss of consciousness




Deep Venous Thrombus

Pulmonary Embolism


Allergic Reactions

Emergency Child Birth

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